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Our Coaches

All of our coaches at Royal Rhythmic Academy are professionally certified members of USA Gymnastics. They all carry a safety, first-aid, and CPR certification along with training in SafeSport. Our number one goal is to create a fun, safe environment for children to reach their full potential. Meet the staff! 

Angelika Rose- Program Coordinator 
Angelika started gymnastics at age 4, being coached by our head coach, Marina Gladkova. Angelika competed for 10 years in many national and international events. Her coaching career started at age 10 and she's been coaching girls of all levels and ages ever since. Angelika is also a certified USA Gymnastics judge and has judged a number of state, regional, and international competitions, for both rhythmic gymnastics and Special Olympics. Angelika's favorite part about her job is being able to work with parents, students, and other coaches to create a successful program were gymnasts can reach their full potential. In her free time, Angelika enjoys working in the medical field, volunteering, studying business, and watching rhythmic gymnastics! 


Marina Gladkova- Head Coach
Biography coming soon!


Irina Timofeeva- Coach
Biography coming soon!

Assel Yegeubayeva- Coach
Biography coming soon!

Lora Partyka- Coach
Growing up in Plymouth, MN, Coach Lora started rhythmic gymnastics when she was 8-years old! Her favorite parts about being a gymnast included seeing her friends at practice, which was her second family, and loved competitions! She enjoyed putting all her energy and hard work on to the stage! While coaching, Lora loves to see improvement and being able to help her students fix their mistakes so they're competition ready! In her free time, she likes to go on walks with her dogs and boating in the summer!

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