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Recreational Program

The Royal Rhythmic recreational program is aimed to develop gymnasts with any experience! Starting at age 3, your daughter can advanced through the program until she gets invited to team! We incorporate ballet, gymnastics, dance, and apparatus work into each class so gymnasts get a well-rounded training. Classes are a fun, productive way to get started in rhythmic gymnastics!

Competitive Team

Our competitive team program is one of the highest ranking in the country! Following the developmental structure of USA Gymnastics, our team competes around the country earning national title! Royal Rhythmic Academy starts at the introductory level 3, all the way through elite level 10! 

Xcel Team

The xcel program is a newly developed program from USA Gymnastics that incorporates the concept of competing while maintaining a lower commitment and cost. Our xcel program trains less hours and competes less than our competitive program, but offers the same great benefits!

Flexibility & Conditioning  

We offer flexibility and strengthening classes for other sports such as dance, figure skating, ballet, and artistic gymnastics! We bring all the secrets of flexibility and strength of rhythmic gymnastics to your Stretch & Conditioning class! We personalize to every student so she can reach her goals in whatever sport/activity she is in! 

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